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People very a kind of sport that like, not only can see hot weather, still can adjust the immune force of the body, achieve precautionary disease, fruit of equivalent reducing weight. Accordingly, summertime swimming-pool, always have a flock of lively people. But, swimming also need to notice a few item, can bring about the body to appear otherwise unwell, the meeting after for instance some people swim has a headache, what reason causes this?

Swim to headache what reason?

1.Warm up is inadequate

Warm up is you swim absolutely the one pace of the easiest negligence in all measure! So, headache to search very easily come, let you feel indescribable however.

If swim before the parenchyma that lets you without sufficient warm up lives first capriole comes, direct motion lifts at a draught with respect to the cervical muscle pulling force that can allow you, meet those who affect cervical vertebra artery offer blood next. Offer hematic inadequacy, can cause dizziness of course, have a headache.

Although warm up, just entered the water to also do not swim too suddenly immediately!

But some people can say ” I am all along not warm up ah, also had not had a headache, how to return a responsibility? ” well good, you are fierce. The body difference of everybody is very big, the adjustment that blood-vessel still has all sorts of body mechanisms the function is different also, somebody will be so painful somebody won’t be painful.

Nevertheless, sufficient warm up is not to prevent to have a headache only, the joint that still can avoid you causes loss. Anyhow, without giving thought to for what, the warm up before entering the water is must!

Swim to headache what reason?

2.Cold body is insufficient

Say warm up to say cold body again, if feel I cover a region much, that is your ignorant.

Cold body, swim madly in you namely later, do not have water immediately, in water spray of hold up hold up, see a girl, it is possible, give oneself the time of an amortize.

When we are moving, muscle is contracting ceaselessly make blood stream speed is accelerated, cerebrum is unapt be in the condition that be short of blood. But, after motion ends, muscle is loosened, blood capillary dilate, accumulate sluggish to be met in the blood in muscleForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, cerebrum is not worth relatively for blood. And your body in natant process is a level all the time, remove water suddenly to to disembark, the body becomes erect, also can let a head offer hematic inadequacy, such easy cerebra are anoxicShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, next dizziness has a headache.

Swim to headache what reason?

3, swim lens is too close

Swim lens is worn incorrect also can headache. Some people drink water to prevent an eye, tighten of meeting death ground swim lens, seem to have safe feeling more closely more. But oppressed so the nerve all round the eye, intraocular pressure also can become tall, cross paragraph of time to be able to begin to headache, disgusting.

Still have, dai Jin is inspected swim the friends of lens, must pick pair of degree! This with respect to the truth like the spectacles for nearsighted persons that wore improper degree, wore a pair of high degree swim below lensShanghai night net

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Water, the head that assures you dizzy ache again.

So, choose to suit oneself swim lens, the path that adorns ability is correct correctly next. Still have, say more, the organ with so important eye, on small vendor’s stand a few money a pair did not make do with.

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