[the doohickey of pull-up double the arm of force] – of essentials of movement of _ of _ training method

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Double the arm of force is a kind of movement with street the commonnest fitness onShanghai Long Feng forum

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, also be the method of the fitness that compares introductory level, to enthusiast of a lot of fitness, often like a such action, but the difficulty with want to be done so that still have really very much certain, must master certain knack, when making such motions, must accomplish get sth done without any letup, this is very important, we will understand.

The doohickey of pull-up double the arm of force

The doohickey of pull-up double the arm of force

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What is used? Besides cruel dazzle, handsome, can accomplish when turning over enclosure in the meantime

Get sth done without any letup

We can lock up solution the process of double the arm of force divides into two paces: 1, chrysalis: The friend with back and arm weaker force can prepare mainly first period training; 2, behavioral skill learns period: Complete to fundamental force, but the training that lacks the friend of skill to be able to have this one situation directly.

The doohickey of pull-up double the arm of force

ChrysalisBack and arm force are a decision whether the crucial factor that finishs double the arm of force. If connect pull-up of a standard to cannot be finished, the proposal has the practice of pull-up first, expand back and arm power. To certain article ” want at least one-time can pull 15 standards to make system, ability becomes double the arm of force quite. ” this kind of viewpoint, it is OK that I suggest everybody listens. Generally speaking, when you pull-up can be accomplished 7, 8, at the same time wind can cross the circumstance of bar easily to fall, double the arm of force to you it is behavioral skill problem only. In chrysalis, we need structure of movement of basis double the arm of force, will enhance our back force and arm power further. Recommend below 2 specific aim train a movement.

Movement one: Load make system

Behavioral clew: Load can wear load vest or use other load means. On training method besides pull-up of direct negative redo, still can use bigger load, but become centrifugal stage only, the process that go up can step on the frame of both sides, or let young associate be held in the palm a little. Eventual peace is light not false, want to endeavor to assure behavioral quality.

Movement 2: Qu Shen of parallel bars arm (horizontal bar arm is bent extend)

Behavioral clew: This movement basically is to enhance arm power. In behavioral course, double ancon as far as possible body of press close to, ancon joint faces towards from beginning to end rear. Notice behavioral extent, be in to angle of size arm fold below 90 ° left and right sides is enough. Force increases to be able to be used likewise laterLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Load the form undertakes aggrandizement. Behavioral skill learns period itself of a lot of people had the capacity that becomes double the arm of force, but because the movement is not ripe, most metropolis card is inShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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On skill, had drawn thick line wind not to know how to should do laterFall in love with the sea

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, perhaps dare not turn over pass on arm to continue to do.

The doohickey of pull-up double the arm of force

Behavioral skill is decomposed below

A string of 1 first on bar, make a round trip swing the body, bodily form inviting a body returns an old unit of length for measuring land into model;

Next again take advantage of an opportunity bends coxa, the body is admired backward, have the feeling of leg of a kind of pedal;

Again next have the aid of this inertial drag the body quickly as far as possible, the wind that lets us exceeds horizontal bar;

If above link is no problem, go last step to this — turn over wrist, often this also is the worst one situation. A lot of people do not know how to turn over wrist. We need this time only little skill, will find the sense that retroflexion.

1, put the chair in frame (horizontal bar) below, the height degree of the chair inspects individual condition and decide; 2, the hand handholds first bar, but stretching tight all the time strong, it is good to need to handhold normally only; 3, the station is on the chair, the pedal that relies on lower limbs extends the roll that cooperates upper limbs artifice again.

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