[the wife finishs 4 times to be able to maintain unexpectedly ovarian] –

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As a result of,the reason of female consenescence is hormonal secrete inadequacy, and ovarian the it is the most important to regard as endocrine inside human body, it is to let what our beauty lasts for a long time closeShanghai Long Feng forum

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Key. Teach you a few simple gem gal motions today, help you adjust hormonal secrete, defer consenescence.

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The biggest killer of hormonal unbalance is ” pressure ” , besides food balanced, the following movement of 4 groups of gem gal. Do one round everyday, every movement does deep breathing 5 times, mood of more than balance. Still can massage in abdomen ovarian with the uterus, maintain the female’s hormonal healthy aircraftShanghai noble baby

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Can. (Note: The person that the waist has performed an operation to suffer overweight injury with hip joint careful with this law. )

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