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? ? Have a good figure, it is the thing that every girl longs for day and nightShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, gem gal at the female for, it is relative a kind of suitable campaign. But should understand certain knowledge before motion, and want a note, gemLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Gal also is not exceptional, before exercising yogaFall in love with the sea

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, should look more a few concerned tutorials and define. Because yoga is a kind of more difficult motion, say what person does not suit yoga of experienced high temperature so? Look together below!

Forum of Shanghai night net

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What person does not suit experienced high temperature gem gal

? ? 1. The environment of high temperature can make plus athletic condition the blood inside body is quickened circularly, throb to be accelerated easily, blood pressure heighten. This hypertensive to sufferring from heart disease to mix disease is breakneck.

? ? 2. Contract disease of ear of nephrosis, diabetic, dysenteric, serious eye, the person that has these 4 kinds of diseases suits motion to measure less movement only, carry momentum throbs greatly more and pulse frequency is faster, aggravating illness. Momentum of carry of gal of high temperature gem is big, the blood below the environment of high temperature is accelerated circularly, the heart beats speed also can be accelerated.

? ? 3. Catch a cold when you, have a fever, bellyacke or below the condition with serious and fatigue body, right nowA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Human body needs compensatory and many moisture. In gal of high temperature gem, human body moisture is lost fast. The person practices gal of high temperature gem bringing about dehydration easily below these 4 kinds of condition, the illness is aggravating.

? ? 4. Because abecedarian is right the knowledge of gem gal is not intimate, do not know the exercise strength that controls oneself. And the exercise intensity of gem gal movement in high temperature is higher, this makes the body of abecedarian is harmed easily.

? ? 5. Inside before the exercise two hours, do not eat too much food, had better hold hollow position, if must not eat, should eat digestible food, wait like fruit yoghurt. Hot water bath can be washed before the exercise, in order to loosen the body. After after the exercise ends, needing to be in 30 minutes again bath and take food.

? ? Above introduced a few issues that do not suit yoga of experienced high temperature about what person, and when must noticing to doing all sorts of gem gal to practice, assure the limit of oneself, with benefit the toughness at him extend, avoid to pull drag in by force to cause the harm on the body. Too much food cannot eat before Lian Yuga especially, because the word of such motion is met,cause abdominal pain.

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