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Be in at ordinary times in athletics athletic sports, we often can hear of Karate and TaiLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Boxing path, although the name is not same, but to dilettante for look at about the same, do not clear and specific distinction what to have, actually two kinds of motion are having completely different difference, divide clear and special difficulty to average person nevertheless, so what do Karate and taekwondo distinction have? We understand below, the hope is helpful to friends.

Taekwondo is contemporary Olympic Games one of formal match projects, it is one kind basically uses hand and foot to undertake fistfight or opposed move. Karate is wushu of ball of Liu of union of art of Japanese traditional fistfightShanghai Long Feng forum

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The Tang Dynasty hand and form, of path of traceable Japan fierce and Liu ball the Tang Dynasty hand.

Look about the same so because of both dress close but TaiA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Boxing path is pullover and Karate is cardigan, take mount or differ somewhat other. Taekwondo author is Cui Hong bright, genetic Korea peninsula, among them 7 becoming above is leg law, and Karate author is house inferior Ma, for Japanese traditional project, give priority to with boxing law, both ability law and paying attention to a dot is different need detailed and divisional. In addition taekwondo belongs to Olympic Games project, the degree of internationalization wants than Karate a lot of taller.

The Tai in actual combatShanghai Long Feng forum

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Boxing path basically is attacked with leg law, the characteristic is fast accurate firm, dart is fast, give a leg fast, even paragraph receive action is quicker, when warding off blows can of dodge case is blocked and won’t go mostly dodge, in encountering battle, taekwondo ace can settle a battle with very short time, it is one group Koes even the leg with respect to enough only normally adversary.

Karate is in actual combat, attack means is various, fist, leg, hand knife, ancon is attacked, genu bumps to all belong to main charge means, the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of Karate is very tall to the requirement of physical ability constitution, can raise the fitness of the person that repair refine with all sorts of means aggrandizement, enrol type skill respect, as a result of attack means various, every person that repair refine fights not only the style is different, battle means can differ, some is much with boxing ability some much with leg ability, some is blocked with case give priority to even some is given priority to with throwing ability.

Pass afore-mentioned introducing, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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We knew what Karate and taekwondo distinction have, in at ordinary times when want us to notice only 2Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Kind the difference that athletic way can discover the move is clear, additionally taekwondo is the match project of a kind of Olympic Games, traceable Korea, and Karate is not Olympic Games project, traceable Japan.

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